Why MMQG is right for you

So, you are interested in practicing meditation, or mindfulness, or perhaps both of them. You have done your research online, you have asked your friends and possibly tried some app. But you are not fully satisfied.

As there are plenty of meditation or mindfulness courses, both in person or online and as there are many things that can come to mind, I want to show you how MMQG can be your best option.

The actual scenario

What does an MMQG course offer, that’s missing from most meditation and mindfulness offerings?

Today you can find many free or inexpensive courses, apps, lessons, seminars, webinars and so on that promise to teach you how to practice meditation or mindfulness.

Each of these offers has good things in it, but none is as complete as MMQG ones.

Let’s check together some key points and assumptions:

There is no worldwide certification program for teaching meditation.

This means that anyone can legally teach meditation. But teaching is different from sharing suggestions on individual experience or from guiding you through a process or a practice.  In this way, you will end relying on guided meditation instead of on your own study and personal path. This, of course, is an advantage for the guide, as you will continue getting guided for a longer period.

Studies & Researches
There is no worldwide study program or a minimum amount of experience requested for teaching meditation

This means, as for the previous statement, that anyone can teach meditation, even with just a few weeks of personal practice. This, of course, also means that that your lessons could be suffering from a limited amount of insight, knowledge, research, study that a teacher could only have done in many years of practice. Also, if your teacher or guide is not a scholar or a researcher in one of the many fields related to meditation, mindfulness, well being, it could become hard for you to reach deeper levels of understanding and awareness.

Comprehensive instructions
Some meditation courses don’t give you clear, comprehensive, and detailed instructions and explanations about how you, your body, and your mind will behave during meditation

When a teacher, or a guide, is not able to explain you in a clear, comprehensive, and detailed way what happens to you as a whole (i.e. to your mind and your body) during your meditation practice, it could be that they don’t know it, either. So, it could happen that you receive instructions on how to perform “something”, just because you should do it. The instructions must not necessarily be complicated, but who is guiding you must be able to give as many details as you need or ask.

Support and help
Many online programs, and some in presence ones, don’t have full support or help for you, when and if you need it

Sometimes you need to speak to someone, just to be reassured, or because you feel blocked, or for whatever any other reason. If the program you subscribed to has not such help, no one is going to let you overcome difficulties and make progress.

A teacher who knows you, and who cares
You deserve a teacher to trust, a teacher who knows you and that cares about your personal journey

Both if you go to a meditation center or if you subscribe to an online course, you deserve a dedicated, committer teacher who follows you and knows you directly. In this way, you can create a trustful relationship with your teacher, and your path into meditation and mindfulness will be more enjoyable. How could you grow and improve if you are just one number in a teacher’s class or course?

Your exclusive benefits

What you’re investing in when you take any MMQG training:

  • Experience, Knowledge, and Expertise – From me to any of the teachers, anyone at MMQG has been practising and teaching for at least 15 years. In my case, I have been practising for 35 years and I am teaching from 25. I have personally taught several hundreds of people.
  • Deep research & continuing studies – Having written a book on personal improvement, having practised meditation and mindfulness for 35 years, and having helped people and companies all over the world, you can be sure I have the experience you need and deserve to learn what you want.
  • Instructions to the level you want – from basic instructions to the most detailed and complex ones, nothing is left out of your teaching. You will get insights from teachers and experts in many different subjects, even the cultural ones.
  • Support, Help, and Guidance –  One lesson or a lifetime, it does not matter. To me, you are a person I care, once you decide to follow my lessons or my coaching. You will always find support, help, and guidance for your journey. If you enroll in my classes or in my coaching, I will personally be in contact with you twice per month to make sure you are getting the most from your journey.
  • A caring teacher and a dedicated environment – Your transformation, your improvement, your well being are the most important things I care about. My in-person classes are capped at 12 participants so that you can be sure to learn and grow in the best possible conditions. Of course, individual lessons and coaching are also available, just ask.

Cost and events

The cost of a single lesson is €20, but if you buy the voucher pack, for €100 you get 6 lessons, so getting one for free!

The in presence course is held at Sushumna Healing Space in Mittlere Kanalstrasse, Nuremberg, on Sunday mornings, from 10:00 to 12:00.

You also have the chance to get a 1-on-1 meditation session online, using Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram.

Seminars and workshops are held once per month, and from March 2020 you will also have the chance to follow Webinars and online classes.

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